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Monthly Archives: July 2012



First of my recommendations for your Fringe entertainment is Utter!nory, one of many events being put on by Richard Tyrone Jones. RTJ himself is of course an accomplished performer, but I particularly recommend Stephen Barnaby, whose mastery of the quirky 50-word epic is second to none. 4th August at noon, at the Royal Oak.


Let’s Get This Party Started

The invites are sent; the pages have been updated; Edinburgh thrums to the sound of roadworks; and it’s nearly time get going. The Festival and its Fringe are about to kick off, and I’m readying my little site for visitors. It’s a bit like when you throw a party in your house, it’s ten past eight and no one has actually turned up yet…

I hope you enjoy the content on this site. Don’t forget to come to the party, especially the release of a spoken word version of RLS’s Thrawn Janet at 00.00 BST on 17th August, and (if you’re near enough to Edinburgh) the Venus Carmichael gig on the 20th.

Under Construction

OK. So I’m finally getting around to working on this site. I hope to have some more meaningful content up in the next week or so. To come: lots of stuff on my latest project, an audio recording of Thrawn Janet, and what other things I have planned for youse all in August and beyond.