Hello! Hei! Hola!

I’m Andrew C Ferguson, a writer, poet, musician and, yes, seeker of the perfect wine to go with haggis, based in the Scottish Lowlands. I’m married with one daughter and work in local government as a day job.

This is a site mainly about my creative life – so if you’re looking for answers about common good law, I’m afraid you won’t find them here. You could if you like buy my common good law book, now in its second edition

I’m also on Facebook and Twitter. I do have a Myspace account but tend not to use it these days. My Soundcloud presence is one of the main places you can hear what I’m about now.

My novel, The Wrong Box, was published in 2017. Quite a lot of people seem to like it, although it is full of sex, swearing and lawyers behaving badly. You have been warned! You can learn more about it on my Books page.


As a musician, there’s my own acoustic duo Tribute to Venus Carmichael, although I’m also a proud member of legendary country punk band Isaac Brutal. Please do mosey on over to the sister site on Venus: if you’d like a free download of 5 of our singer-songwriter tracks, go to .

Alternatively, you might want to download for free some of my solo work. If so, my Soundcloud site is the place to go. It’s been an interesting journey, these past few years, from fiction, non-fiction and poetry writer to writer of songs. You can download all my own music free, but please consider donating to a refugee charity if you do.


…and email me at venus[dot]carmichael[at] gmail[dot] com if you want to get in contact: you can also join my email list and get some exclusive stuff right off the bat!

One of my Spanish friends recently described me as: “polifacético,…. escritor, músico, agricultor de sueños, bohemio a tiempo partido, buscador de la belleza allí donde en apariencia los demás no logran verla.”  I’d settle for that. I particularly like the dream farming bit.


Me with Emma ‘Emz’ Gow in Brutal action


  1. I think I may have read that common good law book when I was part of the Land Registration Bill team in a previous life…

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