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Markheim’s Last Words

Time, as Robert Louis Stevenson says in Markheim, has become instant and momentous, and I’ve run out of it to put the final cut of my audio version up today. RLS is up there somewhere laughing at me, fag in hand: to do the story justice, sound-effect wise, is a massive job, given the amount of aural cues he scattered through the text. I’ve made a start, having downloaded twenty or so sounds so far, and recorded a few of my own, but it’ll take a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I had hoped to at least put up the unfurnished version. Unfortunately, that was so massive it was going to take about forever to upload, so it’ll go up another day.

However, I have managed to upload the final version of Hyde’s Last Words, my own take on what Dr Jekyll’s dark side might have to say for himself. Utterson, Lanyon, and Jekyll himself get to add their voices to Stevenson’s multi-layered narrative: why not Eddy?


No self-imposed pressure then!

Just two days left for me to finalise both Markheim and Hyde’s Last Words, two audio files that I promised to let loose on the unsuspecting world on August 28th (for no better reason than it’s divisible by 14). The latter, being my own work, is just about there – I faffed about yesterday adding a bit of guitar to the end of it, inevitably getting a (very short) lead part down first take, and then agonising over the simplest rhythm part you will ever have heard. Subject to that being fixed out, it’s done.

Robert Louis Stevenson’s Markheim is a bit trickier. Firstly, it’s quite long. Secondly, it’s set in London, so I have the choice of either going for the accent, or, er, not. Mind you, I did hear once that the morningside accent we hear nowadays is the product of nineteenth century Scots trying to ape their posh London counterparts, so maybe it should all be a bit Miss Jean Brodie.

Thirdly, though, there are the sound effects. Boy, are there sound effects you could put in Markheim: RLS uses the background noises in the shop after the murder extensively, and just how much I follow that will be partly down to how much time I have. I might even just put up a beta version on Wednesday, but I’d rather it was the final one.

Either way, it’ll be mid evening at the earliest I suspect. In the meantime, the links above will take you to the trailer versions.