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Something New

I was gutted back last month when Scored Stories, a music-combined-with-prose event I was organising with Gavin Inglis and Dickson Telfer, didn’t come off. All is not lost though and something like it will happen at some point. In the meantime, here’s a demo version of one of the stories I was going to debut, Special. It’s not perfect by any means: I need to work on the best way to get the vocals recorded, and I want to move in the direction of putting more of the musical content in myself rather than relying on samples. But it maybe gives you the idea.


2 responses to “Something New

  1. cygnoir November 4, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    I liked the story when I read it, but the arrangement definitely adds another level of suspense to it. In particular, the repetitive nature of the percussion reminds me of the movement and sound of a train. Really well done.

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