Coming Soon

I plan to do a progress report every now and again – partly it’s just a note to self to keep me on the same set of tracks for more than one minute. So, in no particular order, this is what you’ll be hearing from me about in the next few months:

Venus Carmichael – plans are being finalised for the CD, and plans for a much bigger album in due course. Given Kelly’s impending parenthood, the latter won’t happen in a hurry, but the 5 track sampler is still sounding good a couple of months on, so we just need to sort things like cover design and so on. More on this soon.

Stories – yes, there are a couple of these bubbling under, one for the Caledonia Dreamin’ anthology I mentioned previously, the other moving further in the direction of music and spoken word…

Nick Cave – just over two years ago, I curated a Dylan tribute night, with 8 separate acts all in one crammed gig at the Voodoo Rooms. I’m now letting myself be talked into doing a similar thing for Nick Cave: working title – Cry of the Cave People. I’ll be putting the word out soon for bands and – potentially – some spoken word if it can be fused with some musical ideas, but be warned – there will be only four slots for bands, and one of those is taken already… I have learned some things from Dylan Uncovered …

…oh, and the translation of Cortazar’s Axolotl will be up this week!


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