….and we’re done

My total respect goes out to people like Mike Melville who regularly organise gigs. Cry of the Cave People, for those of you who weren’t there last night, was something of a success – despite some initial sound check problems, the whole thing came together, and by the end of the night the place was busy with happily drinking punters enjoying some stirring performances.

If I did one thing right it was the running order, with the acoustic, melodic sounds of Artisan and Norman Lamont giving way to the more rocked-up versions Hookers for Jesus and Isaac Brutal and the Trailer Trash Express had prepared for us. And not forgetting Ali Maloney’s astonishing spoken word version of Deep in the Woods!

Thanks again to all who came, participated, helped me with promotion, and generally was in the right place when I needed them to be. Gig promoter is not really my natural skill set, and I’m not planning to make it a regular occurrence. It was a two year gap between Dylan Uncovered and Cry of the Cave People, and 2015 sounds about right for the next one. Springsteen Rising, anyone?

Now to November, and the Andrew C Ferguson + friends show at the Bongo on the 14th, Duality Tango. Stay tuned: if you liked Cry of the Cave People, I think you’ll love this…


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