Brexit, Biscuits and Bigotry – who really won in June.

Daughter and Heiress’s latest thoughts on post-Brexit Britain

Heather Ferguson Scot Blog

Article 50 is yet to be triggered (if ever) but that doesn’t mean that June’s referendum has not already changed the country. We have already been told we will soon have to pay more for our KitKats and fish fingers but there have already been darker consequences. Hate crime rose in its wake with the National Police Chief’s Council indicating a fifty-seven percent rise in attacks in the days following the referendum. Immigrants who had lived comfortably here for years soon found themselves bearing the brunt of not only verbal abuse but physical in attacks in some cases. An anti-immigrant rhetoric soon showed its ugly head. The Britain that celebrated its multiculturalism and welcomed immigrants didn’t seem like the same place anymore.

Immigration was a major topic in the Brexit debate and the issue seemed to drive many ‘Leave’ voters to vote the way they did. However, following the referendum…

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