Three, the magic number

This is my ‘listening intently to the click track’ face

On the basis that I can’t possibly match the popularity of my last post, short of one that starts ‘why I decided to withdraw my resignation I told you about in that last long blog’ (I’m kidding! Not in a million years!) now for something completely different.

Late last year, at Norman Lamont’s album launch, Gerry Callaghan offered to produce an EP of my songs, working along with Norman. This was very exciting news for me for a number of reasons:

  • Gerry and Norman are fun to work with. I’ve worked with them separately, but never together, and it’s terrific
    Gerry at the controls

    to get a chance to combine their talents on my stuff;

  • Gerry is a way better producer and engineer than I’ll ever be. I mean, he really knows The Stuff, having produced amongst other things Norman’s last two albums;
  • It would give me an impetus to write some new material.

So far, we’ve settled on two tracks. One is an existing song which Gerry has a liking for, ‘Due Ceremony’. The second is a new one, ‘I Surrender,’ which I’d had the tune for for a while, without ever settling on the lyrics. The third…

Unfortunately, the guys didn’t like my first offering, a long Bowie-referencing effort which will see the light of day elsewhere (I might even try it out at an open mic night later this week). That leaves me with a dilemma. However, (they don’t know this yet) I have a plan to offer them three alternatives for the third track: another brand new one and two others that, for different reasons, haven’t made it into the light.

So. Three guys, working on three songs, one of which will be one of three. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Norman for the pics


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