House for Sale


Some of the blog’s regular readers may have noticed that a new page has gone up on it – ‘house for sale.’ Clearly that will only be of interest to some of you: unfortunately, although putting the details on a page is the right way to go in some ways, I haven’t worked out how to ‘tag’ a page, as opposed to a post.

Hence this post, which is tagged to ensure people looking for a house like ours might see it when they Google well know phrases. If you’re looking to buy a house in Glenrothes any time soon, and you’ve got to here, please follow the link, above, or click on the heading at the top of the page. If it’s not there now, it’s been sold already!

For those of you who click on my posts regularly for things like gardening, music, books and the like, the best I can do is stick in some photos that didn’t make the final cut of the garden, currently looking at its May best despite the rainstorm battering it as I write.



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