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Andrew C Ferguson’s Virtual Fringe: Fair Warning

Calling all Fringe performers: this year I’m doing nothing at the Edinburgh Fringe at all. Nothing. Nada. Zilcho. For a number of reasons. This, of course, frees me up to come to your show, and maybe even do a wee review of it. So, in case you weren’t going to anyway, be sure to invite me – best way is probably through the medium of Facebook – and I’ll probably say I’m maybe coming, by which I’ll mean I’m maybe coming, because there are a lot of shows and I have to travel in from Fife’s dark interior.

However, priority will be given to folk I know personally, who are good types, and who’ve been to one of my shows in the past. Just saying. So there.

Next up, more Diary of a Festival Dad as the final sartorial and other preparations reach a conclusion….


Virtual Fringe 2013: beautiful plumage!

August is a strange time of year for indigenous Edinburgh performers. Their normal habitats are invaded by bright-coloured, exotic species from England and elsewhere, squawking and preening in huge numbers, making it hard to catch the amount of audience attention the natives need to keep going through such lean times.

There are two survival methods. One is to burrow underground (the Cowgate, for example) and see out the month living off the reflected glory of these noisy incomers; the other is to dust down one’s own feathers, spread one’s wings, and squawk with the best of them.

In common with last year, I intend to do a bit of both. I have the (still press-embargoed) Bloc show (or is it a Bloc show?) on 14th August; I’m also planning to record another audio version of an RLS short story for release in August (see the RLS page).

Other than that, I intend mainly to go to, and enjoy, a variety of Fringe and Book Festival events. So far I’ve signed up to an eclectic mix, bearing in mind these may not all be my first choices, since I’m going with others and we’ve had to find that interlocking bit of our Venn Diagram of tastes that means we’ll both enjoy it:

7th August: Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells for Two, at the Cowbarn, Underbelly;

9th August: Henning Wehn’s Authentic German Christmas Do, at the Caves;

11th August: Oliver James – Is the Office a Malicious Place? Book Festival

11th August: Jesse Norman – Edmund Burke: A Hero of our Time; Book Festival

I might go to other stuff. I might write reviews, particularly of the shows which are not just a one-off. If so, they’ll be collected on the Virtual Fringe page.

In the autumn, I will be seen swooping and cawing in the Edinburgh skies as the sun sets. Updates on what I’ve planned for then soon.