Andrew C Ferguson’s Virtual Fringe: Fair Warning

Calling all Fringe performers: this year I’m doing nothing at the Edinburgh Fringe at all. Nothing. Nada. Zilcho. For a number of reasons. This, of course, frees me up to come to your show, and maybe even do a wee review of it. So, in case you weren’t going to anyway, be sure to invite me – best way is probably through the medium of Facebook – and I’ll probably say I’m maybe coming, by which I’ll mean I’m maybe coming, because there are a lot of shows and I have to travel in from Fife’s dark interior.

However, priority will be given to folk I know personally, who are good types, and who’ve been to one of my shows in the past. Just saying. So there.

Next up, more Diary of a Festival Dad as the final sartorial and other preparations reach a conclusion….


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