Gig News

Someone told me the other day they’d walked down the High Street earlier this week and it looked empty, now all our visiting Festival chums have gone. Fortunately there’s a thriving native scene and it looks like I’ll be doing a nice little cluster of gigs at the end of October.

First, on 24th October, there’s an as-yet unnamed music and spoken word gig involving me, Gavin Inglis, Dickson Telfer and others including Gav’s brother Kenny, William Treeby and the inimitable Kelly Brooks.  It’s at the Bongo Club. More on this soon but I’m really excited about the possibilities of this gig.

Next, I’ve been asked to do a slot at Shore Poets at Henderson’s at the West End on Sunday 28th October. That’s a great venue for poetry and I’m looking forward to putting together a 15-minute slot.

Last but not least, Writers’ Bloc are having their Halloween gig at the Bongo on Wednesday 31st. Things are shaping up nicely for it, with the Bloc crew fully engaged on new material.


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