Guitars and Embargoes

A while back, I posted that I wasn’t in a hurry to write any more stories. I wasn’t, and I amn’t, although a couple have popped out for an anthology I really fancy getting into.

The other one, No Sleep Till Scunthorpe, was specifically written for an Illicit Ink event, and to be honest, that’s the way I see my output going in the short to medium term. Unless a story really begs me to get written, I’ll be focusing on songs, poems and performance prose.

I really like performing (don’t know if that shows). It’s an instant hit: delayed gratification has a long tradition in Scottish culture, but I’m really starting to think it’s overrated.

Anyway, that’s enough about me, for now. If you fancy a go at performing your own deathless prose, and you can get it down in less than 1000 words (and preferably under 500) I can recommend the Edinburgh National Flash Fiction Day event on Saturday 22nd June. You have until midnight on 8th June to submit – see the Bloc site or Illicit Ink for details.

Last year’s Underword event was excellent. This year, it’s really good to see all the major spoken word outifits in Edinburgh getting together to produce the gig. I hope there will be more combinations and collaborations, because that’s how we become something greater than the sum of our parts.

Anyway, that’s enough about you, and them. More on my continuing experiments with music and spoken word combined soon – let’s just say what’s getting my nerve endings burning down like fuses right now, is working with a couple of other guitar players, some drum loops, and a barrel load of ideas. I can’t wait to put this show on for you!

But before that, a Nick Cave tribute night in September, and before that, a Bloc show at a certain Edinburgh happening I am embargoed from telling you more about for now…


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