More News from Nowhere (well, from the esteemed Mr Lamont, actually)

What attracted you to the idea of a Nick Cave covers night?

– it was the chance to do a duet on Henry Lee with a friend ( but not, thankfully, recreating the video!)

How did you come to choose your set? Was it your favourite Cave songs of all time, the ones you reckoned were most playable, or a mixture of both?



– probably my favourite songs and the ones I thought I could deliver; I don’t have the voice for the likes of Tupelo

Cave uses some pretty interesting instrumentation at times. Did that inspire you to change things up from your usual sound?



– I believe my keyboard player has some tricks up his sleeve

Any particular challenges in rehearsal? Were there any songs you had to leave on the cutting room floor?



– when we started rehearsal I had a bad cold and my voice was a good bit lower. It sounded great. Now I’m back to normal and I’m struggling to reach the low notes!

Have you something special up your sleeve for your performance, or would you have to kill us after you tell us?



– the songs speak for themselves so we’re just going to deliver them and get out the way

Finally, do you have any particular Nick Cave anecdotes you’d like to share, either from one of his gigs or otherwise?



– somewhere I saw Toyah Willcox mention that Nick had brought his kids to her panto performance in Brighton and was to be seen laughing and singing, waving a foam pointy hand and definitely being an off-duty prince of darkness


norman lamont


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