Duality Tango – the feedback

And so the show’s over. It was a pretty special one for me, in that it pushed me into areas that I hadn’t been in as a writer or performer before now. Although I billed it as all being under a single, unifying theme, the reality was that there were different styles of story and widely different ways of performing them with music. My own personal highlight was the closing two or three numbers with Kelly, Mark and Kenny, but then you’d expect that I’d put what I thought was my strongest stuff at the end.

For me there’ll now be a period of reflection. The last three months have involved a lot of gig promoting, and I’m looking forward to powering down and doing a bit of blogging, maybe uploading another couple of the numbers to Soundcloud (suggestions welcome) and, I hope, playing more guitar with my guitar playing buddies.

To those of it who made it out on a cold November night to the very bowels of the Cowgate, thanks again. Your presence was noted and will be repaid at other gigs, I promise.

Here’s what those of the crowd who filled in the feedback forms thought:

Thanks so much for coming to Duality Tango. It would be really interesting to get your feedback:

What did you enjoy most about the show?

a) the funny stuff x 2

b) the serious stuff x 1

c) the mixture x 6


Any particular highlights?

Gav’s story x4: bloody show-stealer 😉

Nose Flute Players of Utter Ballingristan x 3

The guys with guitars in the second half. Also Higgs Boson Blues

The autobiographical narrative and Hyde’s testament


The personal tale was very moving (sorry, couldn’t read the rest!)

Dickson Telfer


If you could change one thing about the show, what would it be?

More guests x 2

More about the other participants in intro

A programme with notes about the performers with links (even just a folded A4 sheet).

I would tell more people about it ahead of time so you had a bigger audience. Because you deserve it!

I would have liked more folk to have seen it.

It could have been a wee bit longer. Where was the bloody Clown Song? (in joke)

To not trip over the guitar




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