Forthcoming Attractions

Spoken word events don’t necessarily have much in common with the number 23 to Morningside, but like the buses, two of them are coming at once for me this week, and it would be great to see you there.
On Sunday, I am part of Illicit Ink’s latest offer, Word Games, which has the theme of game playing. I’m reading a story called Organic Geometry, which is actually the only story I’ve ever published twice in two different anthologies. That was a few years ago, although there’s still a couple of reviews up there which were nice about it.
Illicit Ink goes from strength to strength. Benevolent dictator Babs and her minions, Tom and Rhi, have a good thing going, and the great attraction of doing Illicit Ink is that you know the quality’s going to be high. It’s at 8 o’clock on Sunday, 4th May at the Bongo.
Then, on Thursday, 8th May, I venture to Stirling, at the request of the Stirling Makar, no less, the lovely and super-talented Anita Govan. This is Word Up, 8 till 10.30, at Mediteranea, 4 Viewfield Place, Stirling.
I get 20 to 25 minutes, so expect a mix: I’m working on something new for it, and subject to the tech working, I may have one or two pieces involving music. Either way I’m really looking forward to it, especially as it takes place in a restaurant so I can combine performing with one of my other favourite activities, eating.
Although probably not at the same time. No one wants to see that.



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