Musical Advent Calendar – Day 3: War on Drugs

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I’ve always thought ‘War on Drugs’ was a stupid name for a band: but then, what do I know? I guess by now most of the good ones have been used up. According to Wikipedia, bandleader Adam Granduciel came up with it with a mate over ‘a couple bottles of red wine and a few typewriters when we were living in Oakland.’ My advice would be to lay off the typewriter ribbon and stick to the red wine, Ad, if I can call you Ad.

Anyways, I first got into them when guided towards their work by Daughter and Heiress. I’ve still to listen to their latest LP, but the track I’ve chosen, from Lost in the Dream, kind of sums up all the things I liked about that album, which may not be what D & H likes best: Springsteen-like wide-open guitar rock, combined with a definitely Dylanesque vocal.

But if you’re not similarly guitar-obsessed – get immediate, professional help. Only kidding. They do synths too!

We saw WoDs (as they shall henceforth be known) when they toured a couple of years ago, at the Usher Hall, and they were just fine. Absolutely going to get the new one (Xmas pressie idea, family members, hint hint).

The UN Refugee Agency has a Rohinghya Refugee Emergency Appeal. You could donate to that and help out with a humanitarian crisis. Just saying, not getting all preachy about it.















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