Musical Advent Calendar Day 8: Leonard Cohen – Tower of Song

Appropriate as it is to follow yesterday’s artist, Norman Lamont, with Leonard Cohen (I’m still hopeful Norman will organise another Tip of the Hat to Leonard night) I’m not going to put up ‘Hallelujah.’ Apart from anything else, you’ll probably hear one version or another in the next few weeks as a ‘Christmas’ song.

To lay bare the sheer size of my musical ignorance, the first time I heard ‘Tower of Song’ it was a cover by Tom Jones, I thought it was a Dylan track I hadn’t heard! I know. However, since then, I have seen the Light of Leonard, and if not a dedicated Cohen-ite, I am at least an occasional worshipper.

I’m sure Leonard is smiling wryly to himself up in that Tower of Song.


If you’ve visited before this week, you’ll know what’s coming – a plea to your better nature to donate to the Myanmar Red Cross Appeal.























A quick check of my new smartphone yesterday reveals that yes, WordPress do stick adverts down here. Which is why I’ve hit return a few times and stuck them away down here. Cheeky monkeys.







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