A Rainy Day in Glasgow

The King was also there

Edinburghers! Fed up of the overcrowded, overheated, overpriced and over here scrum that is anywhere vaguely centre of town in August? Take a train to Glasgow!

Now, I know this will come as a counterintuitive move for most of you. It’s Glasgow, and you’re Edinburgh, right? But buried deep in the overall marvellous Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is a fantastic exhibition of Linda McCartney’s work as a photographer, which is one of the most inspiring things I’ve been to in a long time. Curated by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney, it really is fab.

It was always easy to sneer at Macca’s first wife when she was alive. Daughter of an Eastman – as in Kodak Eastman – and married to one of the most famous men of the time, her presence on keyboards in Wings and early proselytising of veggie sausages made her a natural target for comedians.

It’s true that her unrivalled access, not just to the Fabs but to other great musical icons of the era (Hendrix, the Stones, Joplin all feature) didn’t hinder her career. However, it’s actually some of the other work that is most enlightening as regards her talent: landscapes, pictures taken through windows, but most of all people – Paul, of course, relaxing on their Scottish farm, but their kids too. I came away full of admiration, and as I say, inspired.

In the gallery itself, there were some heads suspended from the ceiling that I took a fancy to. The images I got are going to be the basis of the artwork for my next album: of which, much more soon!
































Nothing to see down here. No heads anyway.





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