Prawns, Limes, Halloumi – as the foodies say

There are times, in these unprecedented times, when it feels like the developed world is engaged on some sort of global show and tell, doesn’t it? All these writers, musicians, performers, and assorted show offs giving it plenty of that on Zoom, Facebook, and what have you. Myself included, of course.

However, on the basis that one of the most important things we can do is eat and drink well, here’s a recipe I did last night and got as good as I think it can get. Ingredients weren’t subject to panic buying last time we went, at least.

I’m not sure where the recipe came from originally: I think I just made it up from a number of different ones, with the basic idea that the saltiness of the halloumi goes well with the sharpness of the limes. I’ve called it ‘Prawns, Limes, Halloumi’ in that annoying way you get in fancy/trendy restaurants (the same ones that think it’s cool not to put the £ sign before their prices) just because I don’t know what you call it, really. I suppose, given the presence of citrus, Greek/Turkish cheese and paella spice it’s vaguely Mediterranean.

Anyway, hope you enjoy:


Some stir-fry veg, e.g. pak choi

Juice of at least three limes (I find the easiest way to maximise the juice is to bash them on the chopping board to bruise them a bit (a tip I picked up from a barman) and then quarter them)

Couple of small shallots, finely diced

Couple or more cloves of garlic, same

1/2 tsp paella spice

Halloumi cheese or similar, quite thinly sliced

Method: using a griddle pan, preheated and very lightly oiled, cook the halloumi. You want to achieve that balance between crispy, brown-striped outside, and melty/chewy inside: I found last night that slicing it thinner than usual with a sharp knife worked well. It’ll feel like it’s not doing anything for ages, and then suddenly be ready, so watch it, and flip it over. Basically when the fluid that comes with the cheese from the packet has disappeared, it’s getting there.

Meantime stir-fry the shallots and garlic to soften, then add the pak choi and paella spice – you could actually use any spice of your choice, and chuck in chillies too if you wanted heat. Add the prawns and lime juice last. If it’s ready before the halloumi, that’s fine – just let it sit with the heat off, and it’ll infuse.

Serve with nice bread to soak up the juices, or pasta, as here.

As a bonus, here’s my Mum’s unbreakable recipe for fruit crumble: 4 oz plain flour; 2 oz butter/marg; 1 oz sugar – preferably the dark brown stuff. Chop the butter/marg as small as you can before crumbling it into the flour/sugar mix. For fruit, rhubarb is good at the moment but you’ll need a little water and some sugar; or use a tin of pears, chopped small, and some of the fruit juice from the can. Oven 190/Gas 5 for 35 minutes. Tastes great the next day cold too!

…and since you’re here anyway, in case you missed on FB the other day, here’s me doing a new song – proper recorded version to follow at some point, once I can get to that house in Edinburgh I was telling you about before.





















Adverts there be down here. Won’t be for my Mum’s crumble recipe though. Only get that up there.




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