Musical Advent Calendar Day 14 – Camille O’Sullivan: Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

I got up today with every intention of giving you more Nick Cave, in the shape of ‘Red Right Hand,’ or maybe ‘God is in the House,’ but as covered by Camille. Then I fired up Youtube and came across her version of Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice’ and thought, that’s going in. I’ve seen her do it live, although that was a couple of times ago. It starts conventionally enough, just her and the guitar, and then it builds. And builds…

I didn’t realise, until I started doing this advent calendar, how many gigs I’ve been to this year, and that includes seeing Camille at the Fringe. The venue and sound wasn’t great, but she still was. If you’re looking for someone that can interpret Cave, Cohen, Dylan, Brel and Bowie, and make them her own, then she’s your woman.

I must admit to having a huge crush on Camille. Well, who wouldn’t? She’s half-French, half-Irish, and she sings like a fallen angel.

I have heard on reliable authority she’s a bit of a diva off-stage. Well, I should damned well hope so.



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Adverts down here for fuck knows what. I don’t.



    • Don’t know how often she plays down your way, but if she does, go see her. The Youtube vids don’t really give a full impression of the intensity! She did Rock and Roll Suicide at the Fringe this year – excellent

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