Musical Advent Calendar Day 15: Prince – Kiss

Image result for prince

Although the music in this advent calendar is fairly resolutely not Christmassy, it’s impossible not to notice certain events in the lead up to the big day. And whether today is Christmas Jumper Day, or Dark Grey Friday, or whatever, one thing’s for sure – the way the days fall around the weekends, tonight will see one whole lot of works nights out. Including ours.

So, in the incredibly unlikely event of anyone wanting me to ‘bust some moves’ on the dance floor tonight (aka Dad Dancing), here’s a track that will get me up there every time. Also a karaoke favourite of mine, so be warned!

What a great video, incidentally. Not a lot of stars that size would send themselves up that way, now or then. Sadly missed.

I don’t do hard sell, but if I did I’d push the idea of giving money to the Rohingya refugees as hard as I could.




















Down here are WordPress adverts camping out on my page. You know what they can kiss?


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